GEM stands for Graphics Environment for Multimedia and is an external (plugin) for the computer-music software Pure Data (PD)

GEM is now maintained at the IEM by IOhannes m zmölnig. Future developments will be aimed at Linux, OS-X and Win32 platforms.

GEM is open source software, it is free for any use and can be downloaded from the internet. GEM runs on LINUX, OSX, Win32 and IRIX platforms.

GEM follows the programming paradigm of PD.

We will have about 8 PC-stations running with PD/Gem.
For those who want to join with their own laptop its essential to have a running Linux distribtution with Pure Data and Gem preinstalled. Its also possible to borrow or buy a Puredyne Stick (a live Linux distribution running from an USB Stick)

Version Pure Data: 0.42 (if possible and doable not the extended version)
Version Gem gem: 0.92