Contributors 2009

Andreas Trawöger, born 1974, living in Vienna is in the constant search on how to use things for purposes they weren’t originally indented too. In recent years he has tried to bring democratic decision models to Vienna’s netculture scene, put laptops into primary schools and ended up flying kites and making panoramic photos while doing so.

Arjan Scherpenisse is a part-time student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, graduating coming July with an installation consisting of 72 centrally-controlled VGA monitors, using self-built electronics. While his current passion lies in combining the virtual with the physical using electronics, his background is in software engineering and Open Source software. Currently he is employed by Mediamatic Lab, Amsterdam [1].

Together with Eelco Wagenaar [2] he has been part of Transmediale'09 in
Berlin and ISEA2008 in Singapore, with the virtual/physical
interactive game “PING” [3].

Christoph Haag studied design at the KHM/Department of Hybrid Space.
Today he lives and works as a designer in Augsburg.

Claude Heiland-Allen is a digital artist from London, UK, and member of the international collective GOTO10. Recurring themes in his work include the mathematics of higher dimensions, the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, and subtle (and not-so-subtle) algorithms.

A futuristic expatriate American Space Ranger combines wearable computing, midi guitar, and live energy to wander the digi-range as a robotcowboy playing for dying astronauts. This is a lofi-guitar-compu-show with algorithmic balls from a DEVOspud, laptop-stomping idiot wearing exposed electronics.

Dan Wilcox:
"You can download Pure Data for free and use it, its open source. You can also download my personal patch library I use to create my music in PD"

Daniel Turing (not related to Alan), born 1976, lives and works in
Weimar and wherever there's electricity. He ponders questions of
surveillance, privacy and aesthetics that arise with the interplay of
humans and computers. His output consists mostly of (open-source)
software, occasionally interspersed with interactive installations or
endeavours into more traditional media.

David Ayers hat in den letzten 10 Jahren Erfahrungen in der
Implementierung von Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systemen für
Kleine und Mittelständische Unternehmen gesammelt. Derzeit
implementiert er Unternehmenslösungen mit Freier Software. Seit 2006
ist er aktives Mitglieder des österreichischen teams der Free Software
Foundation Europe.

David Ayers has gathered experience in implementing Enterprise Resource
Planning applications for small to medium sized businesses for more than
ten years. Currently he implements business solutions based on Free

Eleonora Oreggia develops the FLOSS "Virtual Entity", a program and environment that offers it's users to publish, media of different types, but moreover to give these files a soul, providing extended metadata, that need not to "ordinary id3 or id2 tags, but can hold and transport more information concerning what sort of source it is, where it derives from, which processes of change and twist happend, what one should, could... do with it. What sort of use would be appreciaated... and much more.

Georg Jakob is amongst those, called “Free Software Advocates”. He is a lawyer and an active critic of the over-abundance of so called “intellectual property rights” in general and Software patents in particular. From 2003 on, he was repeatedly invited to hearings in the European parliament regarding Software Patents as well as Copyright, Rights Enforcement and other Industrial Property issues.

GOTO10 is a collective of international artists and programmers, dedicated to Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and digital arts. GOTO10 aims to support and grow digital art projects and tools for artistic creation, located on the blurry line between software programming and art.

Originally being from Berlin and Hesse, Holger Schöner currently is enjoying
the nice surroundings of the Mühlviertel as his home. His profession is
industrial data analysis, while in his spare time he is living his creative
side by rendering and designing maps. Additionally he loves to collect the
data for the latter by roaming through nature near and far around his living
place, by feet and by bike. In the process of collecting data for
OpenStreetMap and rendering that data he has experienced the huge potential

member of goto10

Adriaan van Kampen aus Amsterdam hat autonome Computerkomposition studiert. Er spielt in der Network Band Powerbooks unplugged, ist ein Mitglied des Ensembles für elektro-akustische Musik Schreck und von GOTO10, einem Arthack-Kollektiv, das sich mit FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software) auseinandersetzt.

was born in 1980 in Esslingen / Germany. Musically trained since he was four, he had his first piano lessons at the age of eight. In 1989 he began composing, since 1990 he got lessons in composition and music theory at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. Additionally, he began playing the violin and organ. From 2000 to 2006 he had been studying composition and music theory at the Musikhochschule Freiburg, composition with Mathias Spahlinger, theory with Eckehard Kiem, organ with Helmut Deutsch, piano with Felix Gottlieb and electronic music with Mesias Maiguashca and Orm Finnendahl.

Kruno Jošt attended the Art Academy Zagreb (1993/94–1996/97) and the Gerrit Rietvield Kunst Akademie, Amsterdam (1997/98–1999/2000). He is the founder of the Urban Culture and Education organization Since 2000, he has been developing the GentleJunk co collective; since 2005, he has been a member of the IL.MURO.DEL.RUMUORE/NOISE.WALL http://ahttp// performance group. Since October 2006, he has been contributing to Impromondays improvised music sessions in Zagreb.

Luka Frelih is a computer programmer with special affinity for open programming, a web page designer and media artist. He is one of the founding members of the Ljubljana Laboratory for Digital Media (Ljudmila) and one of its creative participants, and currently the leader of the Creative Commons Slovenia project. In 2004, he developed FRIDA V.

Miha Ciglar (1980) is a composer and audio artist. He is a student of the Academy of Music and of the Technical University in Graz (Austria). Since 2001, he has been presenting himself at art festivals all over the world with original compositions for various acoustic instruments, electro-acoustic and interactive-dance performances, computer music, and audio-visual installations.

In 2002, Nika Autor (1982) inscribes painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In 2005, she is an exchange student at the Satakunta Polytechnic Fine Art Kankaanpaa in Finland, and for three months in 2006 at the University of Fine Arts Poznan in Poland. In 2005, she receives a commendation of the Academy of Fine Arts for exceptional achievements in pre-grad. She works with photography, graphics, painting, and video. The subject of her interests is the relationship of the artist to their immediate life surroundings.

Pippa Buchanan is community manager for the School of Webcraft, a partnership between the Mozilla Foundation and Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). Recently moved to Linz, she worked in educational software, video games development and as a design educator before becoming involved in non-formal and open educational projects.

Ricardo Palmieri (vj palm), 1978, is a video-jockey and an architect, graduated by the Universidade do Grande ABC (1997-2001), Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently he is a consultant of space’s development, scenery and interactive installations to artistic and commercial projects using free softwares.

He worked for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture government, inside the program Cultura Viva on the Digital Culture as a researcher of free softwares for graphical production between 2005 and 2007.

Rob Canning is a composer and sound artist. His work focuses on finding a dialogue between algorithmic system based composition strategies and intuitive/improvised approaches. He has worked with ensembles such as the London Sinfonietta, The Concorde Ensemble, The National Chamber Choir of Ireland and the Con Tempo String Quartet amongst others. His composed works have been performed and broadcast internationally along side his multichannel electronic and installation works which have been appeared in a number of contexts including exhibitions, dance performances and theater.

ROBOEXOTICA: seit 2000 Mitwirkung bei der Organisation und beim Roboterbau aktiv

In her art projects, Robertina Šebjanič explores and works with various media such as video and spatial/ambiental installations and more broadly conceived cross-media projects. She had previously been featured as an independent author as well as in collaboration at many exhibitions and festivals in Slovenia and abroad. She is currently finishing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) and Famul Stuart – Applied Arts School, both in Ljubljana.

Born in 1978 in Warsaw. In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Multimedia workroom, and received his masters degree. In 2007, he started working as an assistant professor of the Multimedia workroom at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2007 he set up Upgrade!Warsaw.

SASCHA NEUDECK lives and works in Vienna and Styria.
"After spending many years behind the laptop, my desire to make sound without computer grew increasingly. Actually I play live without laptop, solely with my selfsoldered devices, a delay, a reverb going to a little mixer. The haptic enjoyment of working this way, and the spectacular look of my set, does more than compensate the lack of the endless possibilities with computers.
Several months ago I decided to share my knowhow of building/designing weird sonic devices under the moniker -SubtleNoiseMaker- in

graphic and media designer, born 1983, graphic design degree from Valence (France), MA student of Media Design at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Design and research projects include Issue Magazine, an annotated online platform for critical texts on graphic design , and a critical design investigation of intellectual property as obstruction of cultural accessibility.

Thomas was part of a FFII crew, that worked behind curtains to gather information about the backgrounds on the political rush on software patents. Soon they found themself in an investigation about the “who” “what” and “why” of a hidden agenda. He is now known for amusing criticism of that “intellectual property heals every mental illness” movement, because he knows far to much to take it for serious.

Us(c)hi Reiter studied graphic and design at the Kunstuniverstät Linz. As artist and project developer with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication she has been collaborating with different groups and artists since 1998. From 2005 till 2017 Reiter run the non-profit cultural backbone organisation & Kultur im Netz. She continues to research Free/Libre/Open Source Software in the frame of cultural production and art as well as work on conceptual and performative setups.

Yves Degoyon (es/fr) is a musician/performer and a free software developer/dealer .

He developped since 2001 some tools for audio and video processing within the frame of Pure Data and some tools for escaping from the software mainstream, promoting self-mediation and inventive ways of communicating and organizing.

he's practising copyleft philosophy under the name of d.R.e.G.S :

some bits of code ::

G.I.S.S. :
/etc/groups :