Contributors 2024

Ada (just Ada) is a medium and designer, a storyteller and maker of tiny websites. She dreams and builds houses made of cake to tell stories about living and leaving the internet as a bot.

Adio Dinika is a passionate researcher and advocate for equitable AI development and ethical labour practices in the digital age. With a background in political science, he has dedicated his academic journey to exploring the intersection of technology, society, and worker rights. As a Research fellow at the Distributed AI Research (DAIR) Institute, Adio's research focuses on the oft-overlooked contributions of data workers in the Global South, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Adnan Hadzi is currently working as resident researcher at the University of Malta. Adnan has been a regular at Deckspace Media Lab, for the last decade, a period over which he has developed his research at Goldsmiths, University of London, based on his work with Deptford. TV/Deckspace.TV. It is through Free and Open Source Software and technologies this research has a social impact. Currently Adnan is a participant researcher in the MAZI/CreekNet research collaboration with the boattr project.

Aglaia Petta always finds it really hard to name her doings but finds herself somewhere between artistic research, making and publishing. She is an architecture graduate and is currently finishing her MA in Experimental Publishing, at Piet Zwart Institute. Her work floats in between performative archives, counter-mapping practices, the politics of public space and activism. Coming from southern Europe, she has been interested in exploring how various border(land)s are manifested and (de)established especially in relation to migration.

Aileen Derieg is a translator and media activist focussing mainly on free software with an emphasis on autonomous cultural initiatives. After decades of translating in the cultural field she retired in 2018 and has since intensified her work with initiatives such as, AMRO, Eclectic Tech Carnival, among others. Soon after having closed the chapter of professional translation, Aileen spent two years living in and working with the hacktivist collective in Calafou, Spain, before returning to Linz, Austria, full time.



Aimilia (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist. In her work, she uses speculative scenarios in order to create “situations” which are challenging the perception of reality. Since May 2023 she is part of the servus team.

In my personal practice I perceive myself being a mountain that is learning how to become sand for being able to fill any kind of form, being able to follow the wind flow, dissolve into the environment, inner and outer, virtual and analog.

Different kinds of matter and the process of 'mattering' is one of my latest explorations that is manifested through time-based, audio-visual and performative practices. Created installation-based performances and co-created spaces are the situations that provoke or enable intimate relations with participants.

Anna Kraher is a researcher working at the intersection of artificial intelligence, data justice and the speculation about just futures and is based in Berlin. Her latest research focuses on the relationship between predictive technologies, temporalities and power relations. She is currently part of the MA Design & Computation at the University of the Arts Berlin and the Technical University Berlin and has a background in Computer Science and Gender Studies.

Ava Zevop is a Ljubljana-born, Brussels-based visual and new media artist, and an independent researcher. She is currently a resident at iMAL in Brussels, and has recently shown in solo exhibitions Rise and Fail of Algorithmic Cultures (2023) at the Ravnikar Gallery Space, In the Beginning, There Was Static ...