Plutonian Striptease: Naked on Pluto

Naked on Pluto is a Multiplayer Text Adventure using Facebook, integrating a player's personal data and that of his “friends” as elements in a thrilling interactive fiction. The game playfully explores the nature of social networks from within, questioning the way these interfaces shape our friendships, the way social relations have become a commodity through targeted advertising based on the phenomenal quantities of information we supply these databases with, literally exposing ourselves.

The game's satiric sci-fi atmosphere is created solely through the use of textual descriptions. The mix of personal data and fiction combined with the use of text is a direct appeal to the players imagination, and those who allow themselves to be immersed in this strange and destabilising world, are treated to a somewhat bizarre but magnificent journey.

The development of the game is combined with an investigation on how exposed we are on social networks, how our data is being used and what this 'second life' in databases means to us. This research is documented on the project's blog,, where you can find posts on the projects progress, background research and the Plutonian Striptease series, over a dozen of interviews with experts, owners, users, fans and haters of social media, mapping the different views on this topic.