a small contribution to the genesis of everyday live

live circuitbending AV performance

A performative piece for two actors in which they simultaneously constitute the instruments they play. Their bodies are connected to the electrical circuit of the instrument, exposing them to every audio and video signal produced in its primary (electric) form. The first performer creates sound using reverse connections (short circuits) at the soundboard, while the second one plays with the live image from three static cameras, two of them pointed at each performer separately and the third filming both of them together. The circuit also includes a CRT monitor displaying the image from all three cameras as dictated by the video performer. The electric radiation of the monitor is key to the acoustic form of the work as it helps effect changes in the electric circuit. The audio performer exposes himself to different degrees of radiation (coming closer or moving away), altering the intensity of electrical current exiting electron gun of the monitor and re-entering the circuit through the performer’s body. The monitor displays a mix of audio and video signals, reflecting changes of sound as video distortions. By coincidence, as in real life, direct physical interaction can potentially create a somewhat uncomfortable situation while requiring a certain degree of effort and engagement to even exist at all. On the other side, there’s virtual reality – played in our case by the monitor – where all the inconvenience of physical immediacy simply cease to matter. As the performers draw close at the physical level (their skin touching) they create a much stronger connection and thus effect a stronger electrical current than could have developed through the weak monitor radiation. However, this also subjects them to stronger pain. The choice is theirs to make.