An entertaining view on a total crazy part of our society.

Maybe you never thought about what free software has to do with democracy. Maybe you wonder, what the fuss is all about. My first idea was just to tell you about what happens right now and, if you are an artist who has to do anything with computers, how your rights are already taken away from you. I'd tell you about a revolution not only against your purse, but against your democratic rights that creeps out of dusty office rooms. About burglars and clowns in white collar and paid with your taxes, who just think that law should be made not by the government, but by those who “know better than anyone else”. And i wanted to tell you about the Free Software heroes and heroines who face them in the political arena to prove that grassroots movements can win against the multi million dollar PR campaigners where greenpeace had failed.

But then …

I decided to show you the fun part of it. Let us have fun and if you like provocations, maybe you'll get some inspiration. Let me be your “white rabbit” and i'll take you down to an obscure wonderland. I'll give you an entertaining view about european politics, international trade organizations and tell you stories about free software guys who try to prevent the worst. Politics? Just give it a thought: Don't artists often say, that they want to influence people to open up, to start new thinking processes. Let me show you a group in our society, with very huge demand.