In the last few years computer games tend to excelling mostly by superior graphics, instead of interesting story or innovative game play features. Because of this, games often fail to be fun anymore. But this is a change that occurred in the past two decades. Today we know that high-end graphics do not always mean high-end fun, often it is the very opposite. Old games are often more fun to play, because of their simplicity and the story they tell. But quite a lot of these long forgotten treasures are not even known by today’s players anymore. Because of this, a collective of enthusiasts from the emerging hacker space "Backspace" in Linz, have decided to fight this loss of cultural heritage, by presenting "Old Games" at LinuxWochenLinz 2009. Those games from the last three decades will be presented on consoles and computers for everybody to play with, and to evoke nostalgic memories and new interest.