Data Body Bank DIY Tissue Farm Work Shop

Keywords: Post-biological Identity, Data Bodies & Mining, Organ Trade, DIY Organ Farming, Mixed Reality Data Transfer, Virtual Currencies, 3D Printing

“To trade in the living, rather than to trade in dead presidents” …
What if all of our transactions in life were in fact transactions in life itself? What if our system of value was entirely woven into the very fabric of the living, the dead, the digital and all the data and networks in-between?

This workshop will discuss methods for participants to scan, clone, trade, print and farm organs. First, an overview of the Data Body Trader project will discuss the various phases of the project up until now, followed by a hands on (very basic and safe) DIY transgenic tissue/organ farming.

The Data Body Trader project has created a complex systematic development of a decentralized virtual organ trade network and has included processes such as the scanning, modeling, augmentation, virtual reproduction and trade of, then later exporting, 3D printing and DIY tissue/organ farming, of organs. The system uses openly donated scans of donor organs that are uploaded to a server application and virtual economy. This economy has it’s own trade index that is in effect a regulated microeconomy (within the remarkably traffic heavy Second Life Linden Dollar monetary exchange).

After going through each phase of the project processes, we will through the final production phase, that being the development of a set of organ models that have gone through the entire trading network. These 3D organ data bodies will be converted to substrate architectures for tissue culture growth and DIY organ farming

I will introduce the various phases of the project, including an overview of the following phases:
1. Organ scanning
2. Organ augmentation and mixed reality cloning
3. Infiltrating a virtual economy
4. Data Body Trading, ownership and cloning in a mixed reality economy
5. Exporting Organs and Banking Dividends of Data Body Trade
6. Preparing 3D organ models for 3D printing
7. Printing organs as substrates for tissue culture farming
8. Basics of Tissue Cultivation and DIY organ farming
9. In Future: Bioprinting,
10. In Future: Addition of DNA to Data Bodies and Transgenic Design for Obfuscation of Ownership

We will as a group, go through the production phase of taking the organ substrates and 3D printing them, followed by a demo of how to create a very basic tissue culture and create your own DIY tissue farm. During this process we will start to discuss the topic of tissue and organ farming in relation to the worldwide trade in organs, comparing costs, labor, health and safety, law etc.

Individuals will then be invited to create their own micro tissue farm using their own DNA to create a transgenic culture hybrid.

Discussion: While creating our tissue cultures, we will start a discussion on the following topic: In such organ trade networks as this project, where data body creation, cloning and trade is virtualized, how does ownership function and what are its limitations? This discussion can continue during the rest of the workshop.

Options for Participants

Participants should have a very basic understanding of general safety (in a make shift laboratory environment). Gloves will be provided as will all equipment for the day however participants are encouraged to bring aprons or old clothes if they fear getting dirty (it is a very clean workshop usually).