Choreographies of Scale

Given that a yellow banana is more valuable than a green banana, can a profit be made by exchanging two green bananas for one yellow banana at the supermarket?

Banana Multiplier (BM) is a tool that allows one to become a facilitator of economy. Customers are encouraged to buy more bananas at the shop, despite the fact that in the UK bananas are typically too green to eat immediately.

If one would implement BM in a real-world scenario, instigating an unauthorized form of produce exchange, he or she would get booted out of the store premises by security almost instantaneously. This rejection would demonstrate how the majority of labour is comprised of acts conducted not necessarily for pure economic interest, but rather following an absurdist logic of alienated protocol.

Experimenting with economically-sound and morally unacceptable ways to gain/circulate resources has been a hallmark of Inari Wishiki's work. Methods of accumulation and distribution pursued have included, among others, free transport by crowd, moving a mountain of agricultural produce with food couriers, and single-handedly flipping a 20-foot container.

Drawing upon an emerging genre of supply chain literature, this essay-film work presented by Wishiki at AMRO pierces through the various logistics projects pursued by the artist since 2018, in conversation with writer-researcher Ming Lin.

Lightning Talks