Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are short presentations by AMRO20 participants


Choreographies of Scale, Inari Wishiki

Drawing upon an emerging genre of supply chain literature, this essay-film work presented by Wishiki at AMRO pierces through the various logistics projects pursued by the artist since 2018, in conversation with writer-researcher Ming Lin.


Horgesbord - an Experiment in Communal Computing, Chipp Jansen

Horgesbord is a call-to-action for experimenting in communal computing a la squatting the data center. While our devices lack free will, ourselves as owners of these devices do. So with this is the principle of consensual giving up our device to the communal computing environment. We no longer own the device and but we do free-willingly allow our device to be „owned“ by the compute collective. This is to contrast the unwilling and unknowing in habitation and ownership of our devices via malware installed by shadowy networks of hackers and state-sponsored security agencies.


Critical Mining: Blockchain and Bitcoin in Contemporary Art, César Escudero Andaluz, Martín Nadal

This presentation examines different examples of artworks based on blockchain technology, in particularly how artistic practices are able to explore critically bitcoin mining processes. The objective is to connect aesthetic experiences, creative practices and artistic products analyzing four different spheres; technical, ideological, ecological, and economical.


Lightning Talks