Living Labs are research networks and ecosystems with an open philosophy and respect to local conditions and to all participants. The technologies are applied directly in the natural environment. Waterlily tea will look at the design of the medium itself: the field in which individual actors are located, as an area of sustainable infrastructures, linking natural, technological and social. The overall prosperity of the local ecosystem is a sign of successful development.

Media ecology is based on the fact that the interconnected media system, which spans all areas of human life, has a tremendous ability to control: defines how a person obtains and processes information. Becoming media is a post-media concept of creating low-tech alternative media and digital art platforms. Here it should focus on architecture and living ecosystem relationships.

LivingLab is a specific form different from workshop. It is a procesual participative form which should explain the principles of relation of nature, technology, media and people.

Participation includes talks, hands-on digital microscopy, social networks, solar energy.


Participants can bring:

- Raspberry or other Linux devices for running social networks hubs
- Plans for greenhouses, waste material architectural ideas
- Plant samples
- Research ideas and schemas for control and communication in biological systems
- Networks organisation suggestions for forming autonomous media


Topics of discussion:

Connecting Raspberry Pi (Raspbian, Ubuntu Arm64, hostapd, raspap) mobile data, VPN, local/public DNS resolving, sensors: temperature, humidity (air, soil), air pressure, light, Arduino, I2c connection, Solar panel, solar controllers, 12V Lead acid car and AGM batteries, 12V water pumps, pull down converters for USB power, Hubzilla federated social networking (ActivityPub, Diaspora, Zot, …), nomadic channel cloning and privacy setting.

max. Participants

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