The current crises have triggered a rapid shift in public sensitivities together with a dramatic increase in anxiety and concern around issues like ecosystem collapse, peak oil and climate change. However, the degree of argumentation and the in-depth understanding of the motives, dynamics and societal values that may have fostered these crises remain extremely reduced, with a primary focus on their surface consequences rather than their various underlying causes.


DISNOVATION.ORG proposes a "toolkit for eco-political orientation" grounded in the context of these crises and their multiple geopolitical and social implications. A toolkit designed to increase awareness of the multiple root causes of these crises — rather than their mere consequences — as a basis to stimulate and provide a foundation for post-growth imaginaries, models and practices. This will be conceived and expanded through contributive design and activation of games, debates, situations, simulations as well as artworks, while fostering stimulating friction and antagonism between critical theory, art, hard science, speculative fiction, grassroots activism and indigenous knowledge.

The workshop Post-Growth uses the frameworks of grassroots facilitation and gaming to structure a conversation about radical post-growth transformations in our lives. The workshop will feature an in-depth presentation of ongoing work in the Post-Growth Toolkit project, online readers, prototypes of games and facilitation tools, critical beta-testing sessions, and a follow-up with participants’ responses, beta-testers’ feedback, and contributions to these contents.



Post-Growth - focus group

Prior to the workshop, a series of game and facilitation prototypes as well as brief readings will be shared to participants from which responses, contributions and critics will be developed.

The workshop itself will involve a beta testing session of serious games in small groups, contributions and debates on the toolkit, to be published through the Post-Growth Toolkit project.


Participants: 10-12
Schedule: Saturday May 23rd 2-5 PM
Link to Materials: To come


Post Growth Toolkit is a project initiated by DISNOVATION.ORG and developed with Julien Maudet, Clémence Seurat, Pauline Briand, Baruch Gottlieb and Catherine Lenoble.


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