Ava Zevop

Ava Zevop is a Ljubljana-born, Brussels-based visual and new media artist, and an independent researcher. She is currently a resident at iMAL in Brussels, and has recently shown in solo exhibitions Rise and Fail of Algorithmic Cultures (2023) at the Ravnikar Gallery Space, In the Beginning, There Was Static ... In the End, There Was the Webbed Wide World (2022) and Webbed Wide Worlds (2023) at osmo/za, and in group shows at Design Museum Gent (2022), at City Gallery of Ljubljana (2021), and at the 26th edition of the International Festival of Computer Art (MFRU) (2020), amongst others. Additionally, she has participated in academic conferences on technology and migration, such as the Digitized Migrants Conference in Istanbul (2022) and STS Italia (2023). In her media art practice, she has previously focused on machine learning as an epistemological paradigm, while she is currently exploring digital cultures’ (un)sustainability.

portrait: Marijo Zupanov / Ravnikar Gallery Space.

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