Federico Poni

Federico Poni (b. 1996 ➟ lives in Tredozio, IT) is an artist / cyborg / pizzaiolo / web architect / net urbanist / student / teacher / copy-paste champion / garden lover / dead mouse / musician / alive pigeon / accelerationist / precarious / anarcho-defeatist / professional frier / wizard / minister / publisher / friend of machines / enemy of ASCII / four-leaf clovers hunter / designer

Its practice is a slalom between performance, critical coding, games, sound design, post-photography and writing with the main focus on speculative disciplines and semiotic reflections. Always interested in the relations between humans and devices, It tries to imagine new ecosystems to dwell together. Its obsessions, these days, are the power issues in-between the possible systems of anarchy and magic. Sounds not clear? That's good, it's esoteric. Nowadays It is busy with the role of Minister of Infrastructure (that mainly means It takes care of the server) in Habitat, a permanent cult®ural settlement and collective workshop carrying participatory practices of living (and publishing) within and beyond the local scale, based in Tredozio, in Romagna toscana area.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2024 sudo ./almanac.sh – init Workshop
2024 sudo ./almanac.sh – compile Workshop