Hagen Kopp

Hagen Kopp is a co-founder of WatchTheMed Alarm Phone in 2014, a 24/7 hotline for people in distress at sea. In 2020 this transnational grass root project is carried by about 200 members from many cities all over Europe and North-Africa. Hagen is focusing to the central mediterranean area already since 2011, after the revolution in Tunesia.

With his group „no one is illegal“ Hagen is active in Hanau near Frankfurt/Germany in several local struggles against deportation and social exclusion of refugees and migrants since 20 years. Simultaneously he is engaged in transnational networking for freedom of movement and equal rights.

In 2018 he initiated with Alarm Phone the Palermo Charter Platform Process for corridors of solidarity „from the sea to the cities“. In 2019 he helped to organize the transborder summer camp in France, which brought together about 500 activists in a strong transnational composition.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2020 From sea to city Conversation