Irmak Ertaş

Irmak Ertaş (?rmak erta?) is an experimental publisher, writer, human rights activist and editor. She likes to play with impossible ways of forming a sentence, words that need a massage, punctuation and mermaids. She is currently interested in and involved in research projects that engage with creativity for children, interactive literature, collective memory and concrete poetry. Her work examines the implications of knot theory in relation to narratives, phonetic transcriptions and inscription. She enjoys using coding as an art form, open source and digital tools in expanding or exhibiting her work. After completing her masters degree at Piet Zwart Institute, she would like to pursue her work on interactive e-books for children and promote young literature. She lives in between Turkey and The Netherlands.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2024 Turning off the Internet (Slot #1) Performance
2024 Turning off the Internet (Slot #2) Performance