Kikimora (Russian: кикимора) is a mythological female house spirit in eastern Slavic mythology which is known for producing noises and weird sounds in the middle of the night. Kikimore can seduce you, intrigue you, frighten you or inspire your imagination.

Kikimore started creating noise in January 2016 on so-called Noise tea parties at Rampa Lab in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which started within the organization ČIPke - Initiative for women with a sense for technology, science and media art. Their performances are based on improvisation and experiments with sounds employing DIY analog music machines.

What drives them in their musical endeavors is experimentation and presence. Their fundamental music principle is improvisation within a basic structure, developing the skill of each member’s personal expression using noise music - to hear and to be heard, looking for sometimes elusive, yet interesting sound patterns, and exploring the way in which both, mostly DIY instruments and their users interact and respond to each other. Each group member is given her time and place to express herself in her own unique way, while simultaneously contributing to the group’s overall musical expression. The live set is based on the combination of sounds, rhythms and dynamic sound manipulation. Through time they have been developing a common understanding of the soundscapes and a communication code which enables an intricate layering of sounds within the improvisation. With their performances they simultaneously challenge the audience and invite them to follow them on a listening experience with one common goal, to envelop the audience in a sonic world that resonates with interesting sounds, provokes myriad feelings and creates a ritualistic atmosphere.


Photo credit: Primož Zorko


Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2020 Nightline Performance
2020 Kikimore: 22 5 Leivo Performance