Mary Tsang

Mary Tsang is an artist-biologist practicing in civic biosciences, open source organisms and tools, and how to deploy them. Her projects explore the biopolitical nature of biotechnologies, their roots in society and transhumanism, and the question of who gets access. Since 2013 she has partnered with a filmmaker to produce a documentary web-series on “bio-art” and emerging communities in DIYBio. The web-series DIYSECT hopes to initiate conversations on the rapid effect of biotechnologies on our society. Tsang has participated in a number of interdisciplinary residencies including HackteriaLab2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Transcontinental Hiking/Hack in the Panama rainforest, Ars Bioarctica Residency in Finland, Bio-Commons Lab @ Rural Hub Italy, and Sci|Art Nanolab Summer Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Art (BSA) in Biological Sciences and Art from Carnegie Mellon University and has worked as a lab assistant for the UCLA Art|Sci Center. She is currently pursuing her masters in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media Lab, Design Fiction research group.;;


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