Moritz Morast

Moritz Morast is a musician & artist currently based in Vienna. In his pieces he likes to explore the idiosyncrasies of technical systems & social situations, through the methodology of improvisation and feedback processes, exploiting their flaws and difficulties, to create novel experiences by unraveling others aspect of their inherent nature.

Inspired by playing extreme music and being involved in various underground art formats, the outcomes can often be harsh on an aesthetic scale, but with a sense for the beauty of vulnerability and liminal states. As a performer he has worked with a diverse number of groups in the years mainly on guitar, electronics, bass and drums ranging from free jazz and improv to noise, drone, extreme metal, techno and modern composition.

While as a composer and designer of musical electronics he has realized interactive music systems and compositions in the context of exhibitions, dance and theater settings.

"Sound is my main medium since immaterial and physical at the same time, as well as it is time-based, creating a temporal experience that emphasizes the moment and being itself: impalpable, brittle and unreproducible."

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2020 Isolation Hyms & Lockdown Anthems Performance
2020 Nightline Performance