Ricardo Palmieri

Ricardo Palmieri (vj palm), 1978, is a video-jockey and an architect, graduated by the Universidade do Grande ABC (1997-2001), Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently he is a consultant of space’s development, scenery and interactive installations to artistic and commercial projects using free softwares.

He worked for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture government, inside the program Cultura Viva on the Digital Culture as a researcher of free softwares for graphical production between 2005 and 2007.

Since 2002, he realized works at SESC São Paulo as an independent artist and with the collectives estudiolivre.org http://estudiolivre.org, Metareciclagem and Tempokala performance group. Presented works and workshops in Extremadura University and Hangar in Barcelona (2006), Dubrovinik and Zagreb in Croatia (2008) and Kiberpipa in Ljubliana, Slovenia (2008).

Since then, he is creating electronics devices of low cost and realizing workshops to apply these devices, and plays with his band http://myspace.com/livenoisetupi.

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