Richie Cyngler

Richie Cyngler is an experimental electronic artist fascinated by collaborative play, experimental process, learning and the creative potential of new technologies. He works predominantly with open source software, hardware, circuitry and sensors to make audio-visual interactive performance and installations which engage viewers/ participants in aesthetic play with the works and each other. Richie is also an educator and community leader in art, design and technology. He is a co-director at Media Lab Melbourne (MLM) a community and collective of new media artists and designers, and the curator of the OpenLAB lecture series since early 2013. Richie is currently engaged in a Masters of Fine Art by research at Victoria College of the Arts, with an intention to convert to PhD mid 2016. His practice based research examines group electroencephalographic (EEG) data and open source software as methodologies for creating collaborative audio-visual performance.


Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2016 EEG Improvised Group Performance Performance