Steffen Köhn

Steffen Köhn is a filmmaker, video artist and associate professor of visual and multimodal anthropology at Aarhus University. Entwining experimental ethnography, Science and Technology Studies, and fiction, his work engages with alternative infrastructures and strategies of resistance in today’s uneven sociotechnical landscapes. He is the author of Island in the Net: Emergent Digital Culture and its Social Consequences in Post-Castro Cuba (forthcoming with Princeton University Press) and Mediating Mobility: Visual Anthropology in the Age of Migration (Wallflower/Columbia University Press, 2016). His films and installations have been exhibited internationally.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2024 Sneakernets And Copy Houses AMRO Showcase
2024 Reorganizing the Internet Presentation
2024 Sneakernets And Copy Houses AMRO Showcase