World Information Institute

The networked exchange of knowledge and the free access to information and educational resources are important prerequisites for the future of democracy, culture, and society. The World-Information Institute has been investigating key questions of information societies since the early 1990s and has built an international competence platform for the critical use of information and communication technologies.

This multidisciplinary node has created a network for the research and mediation of deep reaching transformations of the info sphere. In a society which is increasingly dominated by technologies, it is becoming more and more important to examine these issues in a realm that is independent from an interest in profits and in political influence. New forms of organization that transcend disciplines are gaining relevance. In the face of the concentration of media ownership and the formation of monopolies of information channels, public interest in free access to knowledge, information, and education needs new ways of thinking and determined action in all societal areas. The World-Information Institute makes an active contribution to counter these deficits.

The future of democracy, culture and society demands a wide understanding and thorough analysis as well as the networked exchange of public knowledge. Authorities on education like schools, universities, museums and culture centers are no longer able to solely deal with the complexities and dynamics of these issues. Spreading knowledge about technologies of the present, the World-Information Institute describes the culture of the future.

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