Contributors 2024

Aymeric Mansoux (he/him) has been messing around with computers and networks for far too long. He is lector (reader/professor of practice-oriented research) at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Brendan Howell is an artist and a reluctant engineer. He is the creator of numerous interactive artworks and inventions. Additionally, he has spent a lot of time teaching digital practices in applied and fine arts at various European higher education institutions. He lives in Berlin, Germany but can often be found walking in wooded areas of Northern Europe or enjoying pastoral life in Hacksneck, Virginia, USA with his extended family.

Błażej Kotowski is a researcher and a sound artist, pursuing his PhD at Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona where he specialises in the intersection of sound and artificial intelligence. Kotowski's work, through speculative practices, explores the epistemic implications and the transformative potential of predictive technologies. With special focus on the notion of cyber sublime, in his diverse endeavours he examines the evocative nature of sound, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional notions of sonic experiences.

Christoph merges technical expertise with a strategic mindset to approach artistic challenges. His innate drive to create led him to explore the world of computers, crafting diverse creations that manifest his creativity. By harnessing the potential of new technologies, he showcases how they harmoniously coexist with our society, inspiring others to embrace innovative possibilities. Christoph connects with diverse communities, fostering meaningful collaborations.

‘Cyborg Scooter’ emerged from an encounter with an e-scooter that had been dredged from the river Tejo in Lisbon adorned with the vestiges of marine life.

Cátia Sá, a musician,singer producer, and poet based in Lisbon; Erica Jewell, a multidisciplinary artist also based in Lisbon; and So Kanno, a robot artist based in Berlin/Aichi were brought together by this artifact and their shared interest in its representation of the lifecycle of our technological companions, their unintended impact on natural environments, and their narratives beyond utility.

Dasha Ilina is a Russian techno-critical artist based in Paris, France. Through the employment of low-tech and DIY approaches her work highlights the nebulous relationship between our desire to incorporate modern technologies into our daily lives and proposed social imperatives for care of oneself and others. Her practice engages the public in order to facilitate a space for the development of critical thought regarding our modern day relationships, privacy in the digital age, and the reflexive contemporary desire to turn to technology for answers.

David Hartmann studied Computer Science and Philosophy at TU Berlin, University of Bologna and University of Vienna.

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Davide Bevilacqua is media artist and curator interested in network infrastructures and technological acivism, as well as in curatorial and artistic research about the framework conditions in which artistic practice is presented and transmitted to the audience. Davide is active in since 2017. At the moment he runs around very busy in the organisation of AMRO Festival 2022. ;)