Inari Wishiki (aka Yoshinari Nishiki)

Yoshinari Nishiki (a.k.a Inari) has always explored unconventional ways of resource circulation. Projects pursued include the infinite multiplication of bananas (Banana Multiplier 2013), a legal train ticket recycling scheme using pigeons (Homing Pigeon Unused Train Ticket Delivery System 2014), a courier-free free transport system (Contingent Cycle Courier 2019), and an energy drink made from waste materials (EROI Drink 2020). In 2023, Inari developed his art practice into a culminating concept called “(un)making” – an ultimate mode of production where technically no production takes place. He is currently seeking to establish an environmental certificate based on this concept and has started his PhD (engineering) on the same subject.

Amro Contributions